UNcondition Your Happiness

Are you Happy?

Take a few minutes to let the question sink in. Success, failure, achievements and disappoints are only relevant if they help you answer this simple question.

We have complicated our lives way beyond what our emotions can handle. Everything about our waking hours boils down to productivity and competition. Some of us even pride ourselves on declaring that we have hypothecated our sleep to our goals! We have conditioned our happiness to a plan in the future and continue to slave towards that utopian dream. Without realising that satisfaction ‘now’ is more important than happiness ‘how’.

At this stage of realisation, we begin another funny practice — regret. In school, we plan to be happy when we get into a good college, in college, we assure ourselves that once we get placed in a good job life will be happy. Only to postpone our happiness to a promotion to a corner office. This postponement of a bigger house, better car, sweet relationships etc, keeps us trudging today for every changing future goalposts. It is always too late by the time we realise the stupidity of this life.

We regret not having taken out the time to enjoy the fruits of our labour in the past, unconscious, that now we are spending the present lamenting the past!! SO this cycle of living in the past or the present robs us of being happy today.

We fight, chase, and condition our happiness but never cherish an essential thing that we have — Today.

Think about it; the only thing holding you back from being happy today is the practice of conditioning your happiness to the past or the future.

This is exactly why I started my podcast – Catching Happiness with Vibhor. The priorities, dreams, goals and thoughts of ours are not in sync, which leads to a lot of clutter and chaos in our lives. This leads to unhappiness. We feel lost and are always seeking something to make us free. In this series of podcasts, I guide you to find happiness by uncluttering your life and understanding what is true happiness, one day at a time.

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