5 Steps to Finding Job Satisfaction

Most people spend close to 40 years of their life, actively pursuing a job. It is therefore essential to understand that being happy at your job is an important aspect for your happiness in life. Imagine if every single day, of the 40 years that you spend pursuing a job is filled with happiness. Is that not going to be something that will make your life emotionally rewarding?
However, I think if we were to take a survey, we would realize that a substantial amount of people are unhappy with their jobs, are unsatisfied with what they’re able to achieve or deliver at the job front. Even though in popular culture, we often refer to job unsatisfaction with a sense of humor, but if you think of it, what a miserable life it will be if every single day of your life, you have to spend considerable time doing something that you do not enjoy, doing something from which you derive no happiness.
Having said that, I do realize that our job is not only meant to give happiness. A job is also a source for ambition fulfillment, a job is also a source for financial freedom. Given this complexity, it is important for us to understand how we can find true happiness from a job, even if we are not enjoying it.
There are two aspects about happiness from a job –
The first aspect looks at how you should choose a job so that you find happiness everyday pursuing it. I have dived deep into this aspect on the episode – The Letter J of Happiness, from my podcast series – Catching Happiness with Vibhor.

The other aspect looks at how you should find happiness from a job, even though you are not enjoying it, and this is exactly what we’ll be addressing in this article.

Here are five different ways to find work satisfaction and how to lead a satisfied vocational life, both in and outside of the workplace.

Find The Core Cause
Regardless of how you feel about your work, check in with yourself routinely. Start by evaluating what’s really getting to you, it’ll probably be something totally different from what you were thinking.

Additionally, remove some time from your bustling schedule to review your week:
Where do you invest most of your time?
How was your mood each day?
Are you torpid and cranky, or motivated, enlivened, and stimulated?

Look at what your work means for you, both internally and externally. When you consider where you invest your energy and how you feel, do a tad of contemplation:
What is it that you are good at?
What makes you excited?
Would you say you are by and large satisfied in your career?

If positive, bravo. If negative, breath, and say out loud: “I HAVE OPTIONS!”

Review Your Options – You Might Just Need a Change of Job Role in the Existing Company.
There are different variables in the working environment that might have you down. Regardless of whether it is the workplace climate or your day by day assignments, inspect ways you can move these around to support your work satisfaction.

With the ascent of businesses, and a moving economy, the human resource is at long last – evolving. Many organizations are observing what makes the youth work most productively, offering better office conditions and schedule adaptability to tempt the youth to give their best.

Have a legitimate conversation with your superior to inspect your choices. In case you’re more useful in the morning and need your evenings free, inquire as to whether adaptable hours, like, working 7am-3pm, are accessible to you, or if you can WFH once in 5 days.

Love your organization, however abhor what you do? Request more help in your job role, or check whether there are openings inside your organization to move jobs.

Make Friends at Work That Have Similar Goals
Most of your everyday interactions might happen with your neighbouring desk employees. Perhaps you actually spend more time with them than your better half or your best friend! Fostering these bonds can incredibly expand your work satisfaction by building a more stable and collective office climate. Also, you’ll have a mate for your mid-day break.

In the event that your office feels a bit off, engage yourself and the group with happy hours! You can also take baby steps by sharing lunch every week with a couple of staff in your field, or with individuals you associate with.

Plan events or tasks together, they could be fun things you do during your work hours or outside!

You don’t need to labor through the pressure alone. It’s good to find people around you to chill and vent out together.

Find a Hobby Instead
You are not your work. You’re a human, with considerations, sentiments, feelings, and interests that stretch out outside of the everyday job. So why not use them?

Discovering a pastime outside of your work can help you find that lost spark. Your hobby doesn’t have to be something you’re good at, it can just be something that excites or interests you. It can be as simple as throwing stones in a pond or mastering the art of making paper airplanes, or something as complex as mastering mandarin or nailing multi-level chess!

Try out new things, and you might just find your fulfilment in life.

If Nothing Works, Then Quit
If you’ve done everything you can – changed jobs, made friends, found a hobby, switched job roles, and nothing worked – it’s wise to quit.

Sometimes the basic objective of people is to achieve financial freedom. They can separate their search for happiness from their work life. If you can suppress your emotions and work to achieve that one goal in life then yes, keep pursuing the job if you don’t have any complains with the office, people and work. But if you can’t suppress your emotions, and happiness matters to you more, then definitely quit, take some time off and align your desires, talent and goals. You’ll find what you are looking for, one day at a time.  

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